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Export training to help you compete globally

Export-U offers free webinars to help you develop international sales. They walk you through the exporting process step-by-step, and answer practical questions like: "How do I find overseas customers?" and "How do I get paid?" 

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1. Are You Ready

First look at global trade

We examine some of the "Myths and Realities" about exporting, and the factors that influence your probability for success. (GT)

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2. Market Intelligence

Info on export markets

We review some of the key information you should consider, show where to find it, and explain how to make sense of it all. (GT)

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3. More Intelligence

Refining your list of targets

We explain how to reduce potential export markets them to a manageable number, usually a short list of 3 to 5 top markets. (GT)

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4. Costing & Pricing

Can you price compete?

We consider how your final sales price is affected by the cost of moving the goods overseas, including freight, duties, and more.

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5. Market Approach

USCS services

The Commercial Service can help you enter new markets with programs like International Partner Search, Gold Key, and more.

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6. Global Tradeshows

Benefits and challenges

International tradeshows can help you test overseas market potential, make export sales, and find foreign sales representation.

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7. Incoterms

International shipping terms

These terms precisely define who is responsible for various phases of the global  shipping process, and for the costs.

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8. Payment Terms

Getting paid for export sales

We examine the merits and risks of types of payment, including cash in advance, letters-of-credit, open account, and more.

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9. SBA Financing

SBA backed loans

We introduce three SBA international loan programs: Export Working Capital, Export Express, and International Trade Loans.

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10. Website Globalization

Prepping your website

We examine website global commerce options, including,  translation, internationalization and localization. (GT)

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11. Risk Management

Managing export risks

We explain export risk and offer effective strategies for managing them, including payment terms and insurance. (GT)

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12. Export Documents

The paperwork of exporting

We review the export documentation for shipping and compliance, including Pro-Forma Invoices, and Pro-formas.

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13. Export Controls

Satisfying U.S. export regs

We show how to avoid getting into serious trouble by violating U.S. Export regulations, boycots, and sanctions. (GT)

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14. GDPR Compliance

EU Online Privacy Law

We offer a high-level overview of the GDPR, and explain how it could impact your company even here in the United States. (GT)

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15. Matrix Analysis

Rating market potential

We show you how to construct a MATRIX spreadsheet for rating your product's export potential in several countries.

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Opportunities in N. America

(coming)  This successor to NAFTA offers US businesses new opportunity for export sales  to out North American neighbors.