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District export councils

Export-U is operated by the Georgia DEC and shared with other DECs nationwide.

District Export Council members have expertise in international trade, and serve as a source of professional advice to companies in ther region. There are over 60 DECs throughout the country, with their members  appointed by the Secretary of Commerce. The DECs are also closely affiliated with the U.S.  Export Assistance Center network, and are members of the National Association of District Export Councils. The following DECs have linked their websites to Export-U, or plan to do so. 

DEC websites linked to Export-U

AL –
AR -
AZ –
CA - Inland -
CA - North -
GA -
IL -
IN -
Mid-America (KS) -
Mid-Atlantic (PA/DE/NJ) –
MO –
MN –
NJ (North) –
NY –
SD –
WI -