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1: Are You Ready to Export?

(Runtime: 16:15)

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Taking a first look at international business 

This session addresses some of the "Myths and Realities" of exporting, and discusses the various factors that influence your probability of success. Our goal is to help you determine if you are ready to take the leap from conducting business in the US, to embracing global commerce.

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Charles Boyanton, who teaches this session, is Director Emeritus of the Georgia SBDC International Trade Center. Prior to joining the SBDC, Mr. Boyanton held the position of trade finance officer with banks in Tennessee and Alabama and more recently served as regional international trade officer for the Small Business Administration's southeastern region. Mr. Boyanton is active in many of the state's trade and international groups and has assisted in editing a number of SBA trade publications concerning export finance. He frequently serves with committees to suggest policy and procedures for the agency's export finance programs. He speaks German fluently.

Sub-topics in this webinar include: the benefits of exporting, export business profitability, export business costs, and an introduction to the export assistance team.

Links to supporting material: Presentation Handouts and Transcripts, Readiness Assessment for New Exporters, Developing an Export Plan.