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Exporter's Resource Database

A free export library at your fingertips

This Exporter’s Resource Database puts a wealth of trade information and export data at your fingertips. It includes information from the very basics of exporting, to advanced topics like international trade finance, global eCommerce, export documentation, and intellectual property protection. We invite you to explore the library and hope it proves helpful.

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Export Basics

Essential information

If you are new to exporting, the entire process may seem very complex, but it is a manageable process.

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Export Guidebook

An excellent free book

A comprehensive 250-page ITA book that provides the information you need to begin selling overseas with confidence.

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Finance Guide

Explains Payment Options

A 40-page booklet from ITA that explains your various options for safely getting paid when you make exports sales.

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Market Research

Finding trade intelligence

Market research should not be just an academic exercise, it should finds out what actually drives a market.

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Country Guides

Info on over 150 markets

Country Commercial Guides describe market conditions, opportunities, and business customs worldwide.

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CIA World Factbook

What's really going on there?

The CIA does much more than spy. It evaluates on-the ground conditions in countries worldwide that you can access.

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Top Market Reports

Key markets by industry

These reports provide
detailed assessments of the global competitive landscape by industry.

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Finance & Insurance

Funding / protecting exports

Global business requires both financing and insurance to operate smoothly, profitably,  and with acceptable risk exposure.

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Online export sales

International Digital Sales and eCommerce require a thoughtful strategy to position your company for long-term success.

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Trading Partners

Find/ manage overseas reps

Most companies rely on sales agents or distributors to represent them overseas. The challenge is finding reliable partners abroad.

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Regs & Compliance

US export controls

There are a lot of bad actors in the world --- countries, companies, and people. Export controls limit their business activity. 

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International Travel

Safe/ productive travel

A little advance work can help make your travel business overseas safe and productive. Here are some suggestions.

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Intellectual Property

Protecting your IP abroad

People often don't realize that their IP—copyrights, patents, trademarks — is not always protected abroad. 

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Documents & Forms

Export paperwork

Export paperwork may seem overwhelming, even intimidating, but the paper sequence is actually quite manageable.

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Export Weblinks

Excellent & free resources

The internet has tons of export data and information; the trick is finding the right information to help you do business.

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Trade Articles

Practical tips for exporters

We offer some practical write-ups on trade topics for exporters. Most also have matching webinars  on this website.

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Other Resources

Useful documents, etc.

Here, we offer several articles, charts, spreadsheets, and other downlaods which you may find helpful. 

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Trade Glossary

Export terms defined

There are many technical terms associated with exporting. This glossary defines several you are most likely to encounter.

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Webinar Handouts

PPT handouts & transcripts

Webinars are great learning tools, but streaming content can be enhansed with these transcrpts and handouts.

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This Exporter’s Resource Database subtopics include international trade strategies, export business concepts, and terms including: export basics, the Basic Guide to Exporting, global market research, Country Commercial Guides, the CIA World Factbook, top market reports, international finance, export credit insurance, global eCommerce, international marketing and intelligence, import tariffs, Incoterms like FOB and CIF, international payment terms like letters of credit, import duties, country risk, SBA export loans, NAFTA, the GDPR, trade embargos and sanctions, pro-forma invoices, export controls and much more. This website has been funded in part by the U.S. Commercial Service. Copyright (c) All Rights Reserved by the District Export Council of Georgia. Photo: AdobeStock_219087543-purchased 11-2-18. Also, IP image from AdobeStock_31459064.