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10: Website Globalization

(Runtimes: A- 23:54, B- 28:08, C- 12:16 minutes)

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Getting your website ready for global commerce 
Because of it's length, this presentation is in three parts.

introduces the concept of website globalization, and describes how simple enhancements can improve your website’s appeal to international visitors; it also considers the pros and cons of website translation.
10B considers international website promotion, and introduces the concepts of website internationalization and website localization.
10C provides a high level overview of international E-commerce.

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George Tracy, who teaches this session, is Director of the International Trade Administration (ITA), U.S. Foreign Commercial Service in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to joining ITA, he was Director of Professional Services at ServiceNow, VP of Global System Solutions at ETI, Regional Manager for Latin America at Oracle, and Practice Manager for BDO Siedman’s International Business Services Group, supervising consultants throughout the Southeast U.S. and Latin America. He has led various teams over the years in the development of best practice engagement methodologies related to optimization of international business operations and multi-national customer engagements. George earned a BBA from James Madison University in International Business and Economics, and holds an MBA from Thunderbird, School of Global Management. He is also a certified Agile Practitioner (ACP) and Project Manager (PMP) from the Project Management Institute, a certified SixSigma consultant, and a Certified Global Business Professional (NASBITE).

Sub-topics in these webinars include: website globalization, website internationalization, website localization, website translation, global eCommerce, international contact us pages, international website inquiry forms, international web address formats, international date and time standards, international technical standards, Google Translator, Chinese search engines, Baidu, Russian search engines, Yandex, European search engines, country-specific search engines, NAVER, how search engines work, web crawlers and spiders, overseas google search engines, country code top level domains, country top-level domain registration, link-backs, overseas search rankings, culturally neutral websites, mobile device web access overseas, best global websites, cultural dimension mapping, international e-commerce sites, leveraging e-marketplaces, international web payment, chargebacks, export taxes and duties on web sales.

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