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8: International Payment Terms

(Runtime: 21:31 minutes)

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Getting paid for your export sales 

In this session, we will consider the relative merits and risks associated with several types of international payment, including: cash in advance, confirmed letter-of-credit, advised letter-of-credit, cash against documents, documents against acceptance, and open account. We will also touch briefly on how you can reduce your payment risks with export credit insurance.

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Charles Boyanton, who teaches this session, is Director Emeritus of the Georgia SBDC International Trade Center. Prior to joining the SBDC, Mr. Boyanton held of trade finance officer positions with banks in Tennessee and Alabama, and more recently served as regional international trade officer for SBA's southeastern region. Mr. Boyanton is active in many trade and international groups, and has assisted in editing many SBA trade publications on export finance. He frequently serves on committees advising on policies and procedures for SBA export finance programs, and speaks German fluently.

Sub-topics in this webinar include: International payment terms (Cash in Advance, Open Account, Documentary Collections, Cash Against Documents, Documents Against Acceptance, Documentary Credits, Letters-of-Credit, At Sight Letters-of-Credit, Acceptance Letters-of-Credit), international payment risks.

Links to supporting material:  Presentation Handouts and Transcripts, Payment terms summary (pdf)